Protection of equipment

Protection of equipment

Entrust the security of your information system to our cybersecurity experts to benefit from real-time monitoring. We identify and neutralize threats across all your devices, ensuring comprehensive protection.



The user is often the weakest link in terms of computer security. Thanks to our awareness program, we train and evaluate your employees on the importance of computer security and its implications.



Security vulnerabilities can cause significant damage, so it's important to be prepared for this eventuality. Through critical and concrete scenarios, we implement mechanisms to effectively deal with them.



Managing vulnerabilities in the components of your information system is crucial to minimize associated risks. With the help of our experts, stay informed about emerging threats and adopt proactive measures to counter these dangers.

Our certifications

We are proud to hold several certifications and labels that testify to our commitment to our clients and our expertise in the field of information technology. These recognitions also attest to our constant desire to innovate.

Cyber Seal certification

since 2022

Quality label from 
Digital Switzerland 
Security Alliance.


since 2023

Training our teams in the role of data protection advisor in connection with the nFADP.

Naga protects your business against cyber threats regardless of size

Naga protects your business against cyber threats regardless of size

Cyber threats now affect all businesses, large and small. Naga offers you a team of experts to secure your information system and users effectively.

At your service

Every client requires special attention! Whatever your need, a dedicated contact will assist you in its realization. Contact us; we will discuss with you your expectations in order to define the best solutions for managing your IT environment.

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Don't hesitate to contact our team for an in-person discussion about your IT project. Easily find a time slot that suits you in just a few clicks.

Are you interested in other IT services?

Do you have other IT projects in mind? With the support of our group, we are capable of implementing comprehensive IT projects. Our various companies leverage their skills for the benefit of common projects. Our technical and business expertise will allow us to support you, regardless of your request.

<caveat>Together,  let's make a difference</caveat><br>by harnessing the potential<br>of digital for your business

Filaos specializes in IT consulting and the execution of your IT projects. Filaos experts guide you at every step of the modernization and digitization of your business. They facilitate the implementation and adoption of new value-added technologies.

<caveat>Together, let's make a difference</caveat><br>thanks to a hassle-free IT

Ixion embodies lmanaged IT services tailored to the French-speaking Switzerland. With over 20 years of experience and a clientele composed of hundreds of companies, Ixion specialists ensure the operation, support, and maintenance of your IT environment.

<caveat>Together, let's make a difference</caveat><br>with a dedicated local IT service tailored to the needs of small businesses

Idros specializes in IT for small-sized companies that have no ambition to maintain in-house IT skills. Our Idros specialists install and operate for you a dedicated professional IT environment with local support at reasonable costs.

<caveat>Together, let's make a difference</caveat><br>by integrating professional and high-performing resources

Axélérateur is one of the leaders in the selection, recruitment, and provision of IT professionals. Our recruiters provide you with value-added profiles to complement or strengthen your teams. Thanks to these qualified and flexible talents, you can focus on your business priorities.