Our entities

ANSAM is made up of specialized entities to respond in a coordinated manner and with the best expertise to all your IT needs. Our broad technical and business skills will allow us to support you locally, regardless of your request.

<caveat>Together,  let's make a difference</caveat><br>by harnessing the potential<br>of digital for your business

Filaos specializes in IT consulting and the execution of your IT projects. Filaos experts guide you at every step of the modernization and digitization of your business. They facilitate the implementation and adoption of new value-added technologies.

<caveat>Together, let's make a difference</caveat><br>thanks to a hassle-free IT

Ixion embodies lmanaged IT services tailored to the French-speaking Switzerland. With over 20 years of experience and a clientele composed of hundreds of companies, Ixion specialists ensure the operation, support, and maintenance of your IT environment.

<caveat>Together, let's make a difference</caveat><br>with a dedicated local IT service tailored to the needs of small businesses

Idros specializes in IT for small-sized companies that have no ambition to maintain in-house IT skills. Our Idros specialists install and operate for you a dedicated professional IT environment with local support at reasonable costs.

<caveat>Together, let's make a difference</caveat><br>by integrating professional and high-performing resources

Axélérateur is one of the leaders in the selection, recruitment, and provision of IT professionals. Our recruiters provide you with value-added profiles to complement or strengthen your teams. Thanks to these qualified and flexible talents, you can focus on your business priorities.

Did you know?

Did you know? "ansam" means "together"

More than just a name, ANSAM embodies our company culture and our trademark. We work with you, emphasizing closeness, solidarity, and frequent exchanges. In doing so, we maximize our chances of succeeding TOGETHER in providing you with high value-added IT.

Our clients

We are proud to support an increasing number of companies from French-speaking Switzerland across all sectors of activity. Our local roots, our wide range of skills, and our innovative solutions allow us to meet your expectations, regardless of your size and IT needs.


active clients

With over 350 clients actively using our services, we are the largest local player 100% dedicated to the French-speaking Swiss market.



Nearly all of our clients recommend us and our services, thus rewarding our consistent effort for quality and proximity.


requests per year

Our service desk handles over 100,000 requests annually via email, chat, or phone, enabling efficient management of your incidents and improvement requests.

100% of clients

served locally

At ANSAM, we believe you are better served by local resources familiar with your company's specifics, which is why all our employees work in Switzerland at our 4 offices.


components managed

To ensure your IT runs smoothly, we operate, maintain, and support over 50,000 components, including over 2,000 servers and 15,000 user stations.

360° IT

for our clients

In a world undergoing digital transformation, IT is no longer limited to functional infrastructure. At ANSAM, we support our clients with a 360° perspective: from basic IT to business IT, including company data management.


We have built the group around strong values to create a unique client-service provider relationship and high value-added services. Our employees embody these values in their daily actions, bringing them to life through each of your IT projects.



Being creative and ambitious, innovating, evolving, having the desire to learn, taking on and assuming responsibilities, being willing to self-evaluate, and fully committing to the company and its clients.



Being attentive to others, helping, embodying and fostering team spirit, communicating openly to create a harmonious and united environment within the company and with our clients.



Upholding impeccable professional ethics, being honest, showing transparency, respecting others and diversity, applying the principle of fairness to create an environment of trust and respect.



Having a service-oriented mindset, being competent and reliable, honoring commitments, saying/writing what one will do and doing what one has said/written, in order to guarantee a high level of service and optimal client satisfaction.